Breakbeat -n- Freedom... a clear departure from the status quo. Breakbeat -n- Freedom is a musical collection of FREE promotional mixes and tracks, predominantly breakbeat. (Other genres are included as well)
High bass reproduction capabilities are necessary for a proper listening experience!

DJ Bro D - The Arc

Played: 11062 | Download | Duration: 01:05:47


TimeBomb - Whats It Gonna Take

A mix of hard hitting bass and high energy delivered through a variety of breakbeat styles. 
Thanks a billion for the artwork Powergraph!


Played: 15827 | Download | Duration: 01:12:11

criz-u_The Break Age

Been very busy for the last few months, but getting back on track now!
As criz-u himself declares, "Keep the emotions alive!"
More criz-u mixes here:  Funk OffOn a House Trip


Played: 10768 | Download | Duration: 01:22:12

el PRODUKDo - Lost in Transition

Another sweet breaks set from el PRODUKDo!
Facebook:  el PRODUKDo
Facebook:  Ajay Melnyk
Anti-Clique / Loyal Order Of Phukheadz / Asylum

Played: 15429 | Download | Duration: 01:04:36

Scott2000 - wINTER MISSION

Another riveting performance from Scott2000 !!!

Played: 11101 | Download | Duration: 01:05:09

Scott2000 - Touch That Dial

A prophetic house mix that speaks for itself.

Played: 24997 | Download | Duration: 01:02:35

Okulus Anomali - DJ-Set-Spain-Groovy-Grimy-House

Enjoy your journey !!!
To learn more of the enigma that is Okulus Anomali, visit:
Flytrap Media MIA / Sweet Rains NYC / Urban Breakdown HUNGARY

Played: 13309 | Download | Duration: 01:00:02

el PRODUKDo - A Shadow in the Crowd

Enjoy 69 minutes of fresh club funk from the midwest's heavy-hitter el PRODUKDo, guaranteed to get your booty movin!!!

Played: 13081 | Download | Duration: 01:09:19

Scott 2000 - 420 AM

Dive into the depths of this thought-provoking and stimulating house mix, 420 style

Played: 13019 | Download | Duration: 01:12:07

TimeBomb - Genre Journey

From minimal, to breaks, electro house and dub... this is an electronic trip that you'll find enjoyable, enlightening, entertaining, and ecstatically energenic.  I hope you have as much fun listening to as I did mixing it.


Played: 10872 | Download | Duration: 01:03:27

TimeBomb - Classic Flashback Volume 1

This mix goes back the better part of 2 decades.  I was just testing out mixmeister studio with some classic mp3's (that I got mostly from Shane, thanks brutha  and this is what I came up with.  Enjoy!


Played: 8899 | Download | Duration: 01:10:11

DJ Select - Ebb and Flow

A nostalgic journey through some classic Florida breaks. Thanks DJ Select



Played: 8630 | Download | Duration: 01:19:13

DJ Sandra Cruz - Deep Inside - Mixed House Set - 7-08

an electro house mix, jam packed full of pumping beats
brought to you by a dear ol' skool sista


Played: 7480 | Download | Duration: 01:06:56

el PRODUKDo - Bandito Breakz

A well-rounded set of breaks mixed with incredible precision.
Thanks for the contribution el PRODUKDo


Played: 7518 | Download | Duration: 00:59:10


Mix-Master SCOTT 2000 delivers yet another outstanding piece of art. 
My words won't do justice to what you're about to hear, so just listen




Played: 11854 | Download | Duration: 01:12:13

Chad Allen - Classics II

Taking us back to the ol' skool... with his mix, Classics II,
Chad Allen encapsulates the vibe of the early 90's in Orlando...
This mix is sure to be a favorite !!!

Download more of Chad Allen's mixes


Played: 11277 | Download | Duration: 00:58:36

Faith - Elevate

"chock-full of chunky goodness, beats that drive and cajole you to dance..."
- macpromikem


to email Faith:


Played: 15996 | Download | Duration: 01:00:21

Desert Fox - Set It On Fire!

Thanks Bobbo, for the hilarious pic.  This podcast was mixed by Desert Fox (who I have been unable to locate on the web).  Is is worth every second.  Dedicated to Shane, Shannon, and Orlando

Played: 29558 | Download | Duration: 01:06:29

Scott 2000 - 20.04.08 mix promo

I've been movin' and groovin' to this mix for days... and now I get to share it with you
You'll see what I mean.  This should be played at high volume... especially, in a residential area


Played: 14585 | Download | Duration: 01:17:39

DJ Chris Craze - House Mix 03-08

More tight work from DJ Chris Craze

and don't forget to:

Played: 14370 | Download | Duration: 01:16:58

el PRODUKDo - H 2.0 - mix promo

Recorded live on (2)  sl1210MK2's   and  a  Pioneer  DJM600    on 8-8-06 .
Smoothed out mix of Florida and Nuskool breaks with ton's of classics.

PT enterprises -  Louisville Ky. / Jacksonville Fl.

This podcast contains explicit content | Played: 14542 | Download | Duration: 01:00:23

Frank Travesty - Compilation

Enjoy these original jams all the way from the land down under. 
You gotta love that name, too
Thanks and much respect, Frank.


Played: 13007 | Download | Duration: 00:54:53

Bass Pump N - DJ Kevin W

I see more great things in this brutha's future !!!

Played: 18372 | Download | Duration: 00:07:07

Sharps - Level 2 Live

A smashed-up live set by Sharps featuring original material from Saedos Records.

Sharps + Saedos on Addictech


Played: 12021 | Download | Duration: 00:17:39

Scott 2000 - Impact - mix promo

Funky-fresh nu skool phatness !!!

drop by and express your appreciation at:

Played: 17340 | Download | Duration: 01:19:15

DJ Matt Harder - Full Bodied Style

Breaks back in full effect with DJ Matt Harder

Played: 17520 | Download | Duration: 00:58:45

DJ Chris Craze - September 07 Dance Mix

A Great House Mix from the versatile DJ Chris Craze

and don't forget to:

Played: 25745 | Download | Duration: 01:18:57

DJ Byrd - Dub Sessions 08-2007

Guest DJ Byrd pumps out some serious Drum n Bass!

Played: 18370 | Download | Duration: 02:00:37

DJ Leon J - Broken Logic - live @ Plush with SOTEG

Dirty and Grimy Breaks, Anyone? A big welcome to Leon J.
You'll DEFINITELY enjoy this breakbeat mix... and remember...
Dance like there's nobody watchin' !!!

Played: 18984 | Download | Duration: 01:17:37

Stream of Consciousness mix

You wont hear hip hop like this on the radio... although, it would be sweet if you did.
Stream of Consciousness rips it up with a 3 track original mix for us.
New stuff is in the works... check em out at:

1. Pentagon Papers [Renegade's Remix]
2. How Far We've Fell [Love Me Remix]
3. Hip Hop Is Dead [The Resurrection Remix]

This podcast contains explicit content | Played: 19680 | Download | Duration: 00:10:53

DJ Kevin W - Into the Darkness 2 - mix promo

Kev is definitely throwin' down... he's also puttin' out the funk, check out his new track 'Xplorer' at:

Played: 27515 | Download | Duration: 01:08:26


2 hours of DJ R-Fresh... need i say more? Many thanks to the ol' skool mixmaster

Played: 20200 | Download | Duration: 02:03:44

DJ Kevin W - Space

Fresh, original vibes from the multifaceted DJ Kevin W. Thanks for the contributions, brutha!
Contact DJ Kevin W here:

Played: 26044 | Download | Duration: 00:07:00

TimeBomb - Luv Hertz - mix promo 05-07

Thanks for all the love and support. Enjoy!

Played: 18023 | Download | Duration: 01:14:42

SCOTT 2000 - 20.04.07 - mix promo

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to blast off! Stop by and drop off some love for my ol' skool brutha at:

Played: 15993 | Download | Duration: 01:12:57

DJ Kevin W - 24

Old(er)-School progressive house mix. Another auditory delight from my old-school brutha:

Played: 33775 | Download | Duration: 01:08:11

Tears of Technology - Logos (mix cd)

A fatty from Tears of Technology. A must have breakbeat mix for your collection... Enjoy !!!

This podcast contains explicit content | Played: 30879 | Download | Duration: 01:11:27

Phillip Morris - A Real Patriot

Hip-Hop, the way it should be... For more on Phillip Morris:
his interview with magazine:
also a review by

Played: 16737 | Download | Duration: 00:03:56

Chetty Mo - Tonight

Original vibes from my brutha, Chetty Mo. Here's a great track to add to your breakbeat library.
Show him some luv at:

This podcast contains explicit content | Played: 14220 | Download | Duration: 00:06:02

Poker Face - Rockin' It Mix

ROCK-OUT! with Poker Face. What a message !!! If you like rock, or even if you don't,
check out these guy's special brand... you'll love it.
Go visit them at:
& mySpace:

Played: 67245 | Download | Duration: 01:03:36

DJ Kevin W - Into the Darkness

DJ Kevin W takes us on a wonderful journey. He has also put together some great original tracks
check him out at:

Played: 29905 | Download | Duration: 01:07:02

DJ Chris Craze - Bass Phenomenon - 01-12-07

DJ Chris Craze delivers the funk. For more: WWW.AF-ENTERTAINMENT.COM
 and myspace:

Played: 39115 | Download | Duration: 01:19:53

ThaTruth - Tha Non Conformist Movement

Tha Non Conformist Movement Brings You Some Real Hip-Hop: "Tha Truth"
Four tracks for your enjoyment.
1. What U Need 2 Know
2. It's Time
3. Take My Advice
4. F - Bush ...
The album is out now, so check 'em out on the web:
and MySpace:

Played: 18811 | Download | Duration: 00:16:17

DJ Luke Kavis - September Breaks - mix promo

DJ Luke Kavis delivers another top-notch mix from Vienna, Austria.
Send him some love:
or visit:

Played: 31709 | Download | Duration: 01:01:23

Bluestone Jones - Space Flight

ALL-ORIGINAL...Bluestone Jones, Breakbeat's Guest Artist, with his Original Electronica Podcast,
brings in the new year with an eclectic breakbeat mix of interwoven styles ranging from
jazzy, to funky, to progressively trance-oriented tracks.
For more Bluestone Jones' music and info please visit:

Played: 40019 | Download | Duration: 00:47:05

Open Your Eyes (TimeBomb's unbalanced holiday mix)

Happy Holidays from TimeBomb. This 8 minute track is my gift to all listeners for this holiday season of 2006. "Open Your Eyes" is an extremely DJ-friendly, progressive meets florida breaks track, that might catch you sleeping...then again, you might have already been awakened. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy.

Played: 28050 | Download | Duration: 00:08:01

DJ Luke Kavis - Streifzug - mix promo - 01-2006

Guest DJ Luke Kavis rocks the decks from Vienna, Austria.
email: or visit:

Played: 35345 | Download | Duration: 01:09:24

To The Beat - mix Promo 11-15-2006 (TimeBomb)

Promotional breakbeat mixes brought to you by TimeBomb

Played: 41225 | Download | Duration: 01:13:56

Break Free - mix Promo 07-2006 (TimeBomb)

Promotional breakbeat mixes brought to you by TimeBomb

Played: 14420 | Download | Duration: 01:09:57

Its About Time - mix Promo 5-2004 (TimeBomb)

Promotional breakbeat mixes brought to you by TimeBomb

Played: 18410 | Download | Duration: 01:19:51

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